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One of 9 internationally selected projects as part of ATHENS 2004: Catch the Light Olympic program, White Noise / White Light is an interactive sound and light installation which creates a luminous sound-scape within an urban plaza. Sited at the entry to the archaeological sites at the base of the Acropolis, visitors are encouraged to walk through and interact with the sonic field of chest high end-emitting fiber optic strands. The semi-flexible fiber optic strands, arranged in a fading grid, respond to touch and the movement of people through the field. The bending of the fiber optic strands is used to activate a localized light source and hidden speaker. When activated by the passerby, the strands become brighter when bent, creating an afterglow effect in the form of a flickering wake of lights, trailing and tracing visitors as they cross the field.

White Noise / White Light.Athens, Greece