Articles by John Hill:

  Print Publications:
  The New Age Steel (Design Today, 2011)
  API-AR 2050 (eVolo, 2010)
  Book Review of Twenty Minutes in Manhattan (Architect's Newspaper, 2010)
  Plaza Redo, Again (Architect's Newspaper, 2010)
  Book Review of Urban Design for an Urban Century (Architect's Newspaper, 2009)
  Book Review of Engineered Transparency (Architect's Newspaper, 2009)
  Of Ducks and Sheds (Architect Magazine, 2009)
  Book Review of Two NYC Guides (Architect's Newspaper, 2009)
  Book Review of Designs on the Public (Architect's Newspaper, 2009)
  Book Review of World's Greatest Architect (Architect's Newspaper, 2009)
  A Reality Dose on the Prairie (TENbyTEN, 2005)
  Recycling, Renewal, and Radicchio (TENbyTEN, 2004)
  The Miniaturization of the Megalopolis (TENbyTEN, 2005)
  Soldier Field Loses Landmark Status (Architecture Magazine, 2006)
  Blur Building (TENbyTEN, 2005)
  Propeller Z (TENbyTEN, 2005)

  Online Publications:
  East River Transformation (The World Edition, 2007)
  A Horned Moses No More? (NYFA Current, 2007)
  To Remember or to Forget? (NYFA Current, 2006)
  Architecture and Blogging (AIA AssociateNews, 2005)
  Changing Place/Changing Times (Invisible Insurrection, 2004)
  Kowloon Walled City (twenty4 o n l i n e, 2001)

  Jacob Javits Plaza: Reconsidering Intentions (CCNY, 2007)
  Driving is Murder (CCNY, 2006)
  Bernard Tschumi's Parc de la Villette (KSU, 1996)

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